About Stacy Lee

Stacy Lee, LMFT, has been employed at The Couples Institute in Menlo Park, CA, since 2008.  She has trained with relationship experts Ellyn Bader, Ph.D and Peter Pearson, Ph.D. to provide innovative tools to couples and individuals.  In 2019, Stacy became the Clinical Director of the institute's therapy services.  She is passionate about providing people with quality resources which includes building a network of skilled therapists to reach more couples and individuals.

Managing stressors this Thanksgiving holiday

Holidays are always a hot topic in couples therapy, whether it’s whose family couples will be visiting, how much time to spend there, what activities will be included or avoided, how to enjoy the day when there is relational tension... the list goes on and on.    Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner.  For many, this is a time to [...]

Communication in Relationships

   Communication in Relationships - Podcast with Stacy Lee, LMFT Communication! We have all heard it’s important, but why? And if we all want good communication why is it so hard? Do you know you struggle but don’t know the first steps to take? If you want to learn more about the answers to these questions and more, listen [...]

How Covid-19 quarantine could impact couples deciding to split

In a recently published article in USA Today, Maria Puente explores how the Covid-19 quarantine could impact couples deciding to split. Maria interviews a number of relationship experts to explore this issue  I was grateful to be able to give my perspective on the issue. Along with what was quoted in the article I wanted to elaborate a bit more. Relationships [...]

Update To the 30day challenge

It’s been about 2 weeks since I started my shelter in place checklist. I have not done it perfectly, but I’ve done something every day.  I do feel less overwhelmed, more grounded and more connected to myself and others.  As predicted, I’m busier than I was 2 weeks ago and yet I feel better.  I’ve even been able to take [...]

How To Choose A Couples Therapist…

  The goal of this article is to help you find the couples therapist that’s right for you. Helping couples is something I am extremely passionate about for both professional and personal reasons.  Because of that I wanted to get this information out on a couple of different platforms, so you can read the article or listen [...]

Ways for Couples to Connect during Sheltering in Place.

I’m sure all the streaming services are going to be well used during this time. Many people will binge on shows they have missed and movies they have wanted to watch.  Yet, it’s also a great opportunity to do other things together and to even get to know each other more. Couples and families can actually use this time to [...]

Relationships, COVID-19 and Sheltering In Place

What to do, what to avoid, and how to find opportunities in disguise  The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has our communities facing several rapid changes. The shortage of basic goods, social distancing, and the order to shelter in place have caused intense emotional reactions and a strain on many parts of our lives.  Most employees are working remotely for [...]

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