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Lida Sharlin is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, passionate about working with couples to make their relationship safe, emotionally satisfying and intimate.

Couples learn skills enabling them to speak their emotional truths effectively and end repeating negative interaction cycles which leave both partners feeling unheard, alone, hurt, frustrated and angry. Her work is both preventive to give new relationships a good head start and reparative to help reconnect where couples have grown apart, have turned against each other instead of working as a team to confront life’s challenges and joys, or need to heal from an affair or another emotional injury causing a major breach of trust.In addition, Lida works with issues such as couple’s life stage challenges (professional development, parenting, empty nest, retirement, failure to launch adult children, caregiving to elderly parents), sexual issues such as differing desire levels and dysfunction, navigating divorce and co-parenting when a relationship has ended and blending families successfully.

Lida Sharlin, MA, LMFT

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