Feeling anxious about COVID?
Struggling with work-at-home boundaries?
Feeling trapped at home?

Video meeting on laptop screen, zoom app

Join our support group to commiserate, learn coping strategies, meet other like-minded folks, and be less alone.

Groups will be conducted by videoconference and you can join from any location in California.  Group size will be limited to 8 people so that everyone has a chance to participate and get to know one another.  The group leader is Dr. Robert Solley who has over 25 years of experience in the mental health field, is an associate of the renowned Couples Institute, and practices in San Francisco.

We ask for pre-paid commitments in four-week segments in order to maintain group consistency.  So, once you join, if you’ve gotten enough out of the group in a month you may stop.  But you may also continue as long as you like in four-week increments.  This allows for some flexibility for people to come and go but preserves a core group and sense of continuity.

Groups are 1 hour each and start date – TBD.

The fee will be $200 for the set of four sessions ($50 per session), which can be paid by credit card.

To save your spot register using the form below. Participants must be located in California.

Questions? Contact us!