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Workshops are a great way to receive specialized education and tools in areas you would like to learn more about. Whether it is attending with a partner or on your own, many workshops aid in shaking clients out of stuck patterns. This is a great option as a stand-alone tool or helps deepen regular therapy sessions.

Communication Workshop

Perhaps you have tried to prevent discussions from spiraling out of control with your partner, but only end up feeling hurt, misunderstood and frustrated. And worse yet, the conversation continues to be unresolved, only manifesting as disconnection, irritation, sarcasm, etc. Before you know it, a negative cycle develops between you and your partner and continues, with no end in sight.Would you like to discover proven, leading edge communication techniques to work through the stuck issues that you have come to avoid?

Michelle Wangler Joy, M.A., LMFT, has been with the institute for over 15 years and has taken all of her experience to fine-tuned a workshop to help couples with through tricky communications.  In the workshop you will learn skills to overcome stubborn relationship challenges, tools for resolving conflict, and ways to improve understanding and connection.

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Marriage Prep 101 Workshop

Marriage Prep 101 is a comprehensive 10-hour workshop for engaged, newlywed and seriously dating couples designed to prepare you for a lifelong relationship by building on your strengths and teaching essential relationship insights and skills. Inspiring, helpful, positive and fun.

Marriage Prep 101 is based on the latest scientific research that has identified what makes marriages succeed and fail. By teaching couples how to communicate better, resolve conflicts, avoid unhealthy relationship patterns, and build intimacy and resiliency, couples can create a relationship that will safeguard them against the inevitable strains of modern family life. Marriage Prep 101 is not affiliated with any religious organization, and couples of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to participate.

Michelle Wangler Joy, M.A., LMFT, has been with the Institute for over 15 years and has taken all of her experience and applied it to the Marriage Prep 101 workshop. Michelle co-leads this with her husband Dan Joy.  Dan holds advanced education in Communication Studies, Mediation and Conflict Resolution.  The workshop incorporates the Developmental Model from The Couples Institute along with other research-based modalities. Here is what you can expect to learn:

  1. Affirm the strengths in your relationship.
  2. Clarify the expectations you have for the relationship.
  3. Assess your level of compatibility.
  4. Understand the role of your family of origin.
  5. Identify areas needing change.
  6. Learn more effective relationship skills.
  7. Avoid the traps of destructive interactions.
  8. Enhance your emotional and sexual intimacy.
  9. Manage personality and gender conflicts.
  10. Create a marriage bond that instills resilience

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Speaking Engagements

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