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Specialized counseling services for couples and
individuals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We realize life brings many challenges, yet as painful and overwhelming as those can be, they also offer rich opportunities for growth and connection. We teach our clients how to navigate these important areas in a safe, productive manner; promoting understanding and acceptance.

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Latest From The Blog

  • thanks giving

Managing stressors this Thanksgiving holiday

Holidays are always a hot topic in couples therapy, whether it’s whose family couples will be visiting, how much time to spend there, what activities will be included or avoided, how to enjoy the day [...]

  • When You Love Someone With Complex PTSD

When You Love Someone With Complex PTSD

This article gives a brief overview of some basics about Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and what you can do to support yourself as well as nurture your relationship when you love someone with [...]

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Don’t Let COVID-19 Prevent You From Seeking Help!

Click here to read about the precautions and modifications CICS is making to continue to provide you with the support you need.

“I’ve been a therapist of The Couples Institute Counseling Services for over 25 years. The CI has been instrumental in helping me create and grow my practice as well as develop my clinical skills. I am forever grateful.”

Peter Klein, Ph.D.

“Working as a therapist with The Couples Institute Counseling Services has really boosted my skills and confidence as a couples therapist!  I enjoy working with couples more than ever, and continue to learn and grow in the developmental, neuroscience, and attachment models as a foundation for my couples work.  I look forward to meeting with my fellow therapists at our team meetings where we share cases, teachings, and laughter.  I am going on my fourteenth year with our group, and I continue to enjoy the benefits in my personal and professional life.  I hope you can too!”

Lori J. Collins, M.S., MFT

“Working with a community of therapists doing the same work enriches everyone and adds to your expertise.  Therapy can be a lonely profession, but not when you have like-minded colleagues.”

Ellyn Bader, Ph.D. co-founder The Couples Institute

“I love working with Couples Institute Counseling Services because I know I am exposed to top notch, current training. The staff is wonderful, supportive and skilled. I couldn’t ask for a better place to be a part of.”

Michelle Joy, M.A., MFT
“Being a part of The Couples Institute Counseling Services is an incredible opportunity to learn from the masters and to belong to a warm, smart group of therapists who help break the isolation of private practice.”
Robert Solley PhD
“The work has been invaluable, helping in our marriage and family dynamic. I would recommend them (The Couples Institute Counseling Services) to anyone who is open to making changes and who is willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work.”

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