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Ways for Couples to Connect during Sheltering in Place.

I’m sure all the streaming services are going to be well used during this time. Many people will binge on shows they have missed and movies they have wanted to watch.  Yet, it’s also a great opportunity to do other things together and to even get to know each other more. Couples and families can actually use this time to build fond memories.  And to be honest, down the road, when this is over we aren’t going to look back and say “Hey, remember during the COVID-19 shelter in place when we binge watched tv…that really brought us closer [...]

Relationships, COVID-19 and Sheltering In Place

What to do, what to avoid, and how to find opportunities in disguise  The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has our communities facing several rapid changes. The shortage of basic goods, social distancing, and the order to shelter in place have caused intense emotional reactions and a strain on many parts of our lives.  Most employees are working remotely for the foreseeable future. While others, like first responders, have to continue to go out and be of service during this time of great difficulty. Some are far away from elderly loved ones and are feeling powerless to help them. [...]

How Frozen 2 Can Improve Your Communication

Today I’m going to tell you how song lyrics from a Frozen 2 song can change your communication and relationship. My daughter is about to turn 5 so I have seen Frozen 2 a few times now…don’t worry there will be no spoilers here. Towards the middle of the movie Anna is faced with a difficult task, to move forward in the face of pain she sings the song “The Next Right Thing”.  Sitting in the movie theater watching this unfold I was struck once again by this concept, because to be fair it’s not fully an original concept [...]

How Couples Therapy Supports Individual Growth

The choice to begin couples therapy is often a major turning point in a relationship. And if individuals are really, truly honest with themselves, there may be a hidden motive that goes something like this: "Well finally, my partner is going to get some help for xyz." Coming to therapy in order to address your partner's issues or faults might backfire, and here's why. Couples therapy requires individual work, and that's not a bad thing. While often it is the case that the thing that most irritates us about our partner is what gets us into therapy, the real surprise is [...]

Get The Relationship You Want By Going Through The Mess

  The other day I was driving in a city I don’t know well. I had my map app on and I was headed to coffee. Much needed coffee!  Then there was a mess of road work in front of me. Lanes closed, cars merging, confused drivers, on and on...I’m sure you’ve all be there. The map was telling me to go through the mess but I was in a hurry and really wanted to get to the coffee.  On the map it looked like if I turned right, I could avoid going through the mess to get to [...]

The Dangerous Trap of Assumptions

One thing that I have often hear from my clients is that it is helpful when I’m teaching them a new concept or exercise that I give examples of these when it applies in my own relationship.  So, I thought why not share with all of you out there because maybe it will help you too. Just like every couple my husband Curtis and I have difficult issues we have to learn to navigate some of them are big, some of them are small and can even feeling petty at times.  I feel like in same ways as a [...]