Robert Solley

San Francisco, Noe Valley and Online throughout California

Robert’s style is both active and empathic as he guides you to identify and improve unhelpful patterns, always with an eye towards sustainable change.

Robert believes the keystone to successful relationships is being able to know your own thoughts, feelings and behavior at multiple levels, while also being able to understand, empathize with and reflect your partner’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

In this way he helps you “attune” to each other and begin to heal the emotional stumbling blocks that are keeping you stuck or disconnected as a couple.

Robert earned his Ph.D. in 1988 and has been licensed for 30 years. With two boys out of the nest and into college and graduate school, he lives in San Francisco with his wife Elizabeth and dog, Asher. Robert has a physical office conveniently located in Noe Valley, and he works virtually with clients anywhere in California.

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