Hello Couples Institute Counseling Services clients and families,

We are dedicated to helping and supporting our clients and community.  With the added stresses of isolation, uncertainty and COVID-19 pandemic, now is a time you may need more support.  Sheltering in place greatly limits the many connections we make throughout our day.  In addition, being secluded in our homes with our loved ones can put additional strain on those relationships.  If you are facing this time alone, the separation from the outside world can be extremely lonely and difficult.

In order to maintain our ability to support you during this time of in-place sheltering, many of our therapists are offering sessions via telehealth.  This may be through video or phone sessions.  We are offering both because we are in unprecedented times, video and internet services are likely to be overwhelmed at times, so we will have to be flexible and bear with the circumstances.  For that reason, your therapist will work with you on a back up plan if your session is interrupted due to technical problems.  Phone sessions have been a standard alternative when in-person therapy was not possible.

Please take a moment to inquire with your therapist about the possibility of maintaining your regular sessions via telehealth during this difficult time; this way you can continue making progress on your therapeutic goals and get more support on ways to cope with additional stress incurred by the shelter at home order.  If your regularly scheduled appointments are not an option it is possible that your therapist may have some flexibility for arranging other times as needed.

Also, for as long as the shelter in place order is in effect, we are modifying the cancellation period – you may cancel at any time without having to pay or reschedule.  It is still appreciated you give as much notice you can though; and if for some reason contact is not made within 15 minutes of the appointment time, your therapist will assume something unexpected came up and your therapist will reach out and check in with you.

Our goal is to continue providing services in the least disruptive manner possible, given that massive disruption is at least temporarily the norm.  We want to work with our clients and community to create a “new normal” until we are through this storm.

Please reach out to your therapist and let them know whether you prefer to meet by phone, video, or make some other arrangement (e.g., meet less frequently, wait a week or two, etc).  Or if you are someone interested in services please fill out the contact form, email admin@cicounseling.com or call 650-289-8603.

Be Well,

Stacy Lee, M.A., LMFT

Clinical Director

The Couples Institute Counseling Services